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Welcome to Dance Medicine Queensland's web site

Dance Medicine Queensland is to be found in Albion at the studios of Pilates and Physiotherapy at 33 Collingwood St. close to Brisbane CBD offering Physiotherapy based Pilates programmes for the dancer using Pilates equipment in an air conditioned studio with parking at the front.

We are Dance specialists offering individual assessment in order to create a personal program of specific exercises to correct muscle imbalances, rehabilitate an injury or refine a particular technique or skill.

Our Dance Medicine services is practiced by physiotherapists with a background in dance using traditional Pilates techniques combined with contemporary scientific knowledge and research.

Pilates is excellent for:

Reducing risk of injury
Rehabilitation after injury
Relieving chronic back pain
Balance and agility
Improving dance technique
Increasing joint flexibility and joint release
Improving self confidence and stress relief
Toning and body conditioning using conscious muscle control with a focus on pelvis stability and breathing
Pilates is suitable for all ages and styles of dance training.